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Nov 13 2023

MYFC Board Elections Coming Up Monday, December 4th

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Are you a parent/guardian/step-parent to an athlete in our program?

Are you looking to get more involved?

Do you have 5 hours a week during the offseason and 10 hours a week in season to volunteer? 

Then an MYFC Board Position may be the perfect fit for you! Elections are coming up on Monday, December 4th. All postitions are 1 year terms starting in January 1st and Ending December 31st. 

Positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Registrar, Treasurer, Co-Cheer Coordinators (2), Football Coordinator, Assistant Football Coordinator, Flag Director, Cheer Equipment Coordinator, Football Equipment Coordinator, Co-Fundraising Coordinators (2), Co- Concession Coordinator (2), Website Director

To request to be added to the ballot (must be present for the election) please email: and copy and

***We ask that you please review the bylaws (found on our website) to fully understand the role that you are committing to.

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