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Jan 19 2024

U14 Team is #2 in the Nation!

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The MYFC U14 Team embarked on an exhilarating journey to the National Competition in the vibrant city of Kissimmee, FL on December 6th. Their remarkable performance at the New England Regional Competition, where they triumphed over 10 fierce rivals from MA, NH, CT, and RI, secured their well-deserved spot. With anticipation building, they headed to Florida where they faced off against 9 other exceptional teams hailing from every corner of the nation. The thrilling climax unfolded as they claimed the remarkable position of #2 in the entire country! Our hearts swell with pride for these extraordinary girls, who have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into this incredible sport and their extraordinary team. The team would like to thank their friends, family, and the Milford Community for their contributions in helping to get them there!


Team                                                      Coaches                                      High School Demonstrators

Allie Maietta                                           Molly Auger                                   Patty Fernandes

Annie Auger                                          Jenn Bournazian                           Maddie Hamilton

Addison Tetreault                                Tatiana Braz                                   Julia Fontes

Aleah Acquafresca                              Deanna Acquafresca

Abby Naugler

Camille Stacey

Gianna Petruska

Gwen Boisvert

Bella Coelho

Juliana Damata

Kayla Dias

Maddie Bournazian

Meagan Curley

Nalah Wokoun

Natalia Jordan

Nathiely Oliviera

Rose Asong

Savannah Beals

Sydney Redden

Vanessa Perez









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